The great miracle of the Cross… the most important message for humanity
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Jesus Christ is God and his sacrifice on the cross is the foundation of Christianity. His death and his resurrection remains the event which has formalized the victory of God on evil.

What has Jesus done during his sacrifice? Jesus is God incarnated on Earth. He lived among us in a fair and a perfect way by his divinity and his holiness. No harm and no curse could fall upon him.
However, to fulfill the desire of God the Father, the supreme atrocity has Felt on him.
The plan of God the Father is this: Jesus will take upon himself the sins of humanity. In reality, he will take the sin and evil of everyone who believes in him.

Jesus has took in HIS flesh all the problems you have to pay in YOUR flesh (disease, disability).

Jesus has took in his soul all the evil you have to pay in YOUR soul (abandonment, loneliness,perdition).

Jesus has took in his destiny on the cross all the misfortunes of your life. The darkness, the destruction of our lives, Jesus has swallowed up everything.

The curse, the supême theft of his life has been took to the cross.

In short, the flesh and the soul of God was torn, and this, he did it for you. He did it for everyone who believes in his name and in his sacrifice.

The Lord say you this: your charges is not yours anymore if you believe in the name of Jesus Christ.

Today, God is giving you the choice between a heavy yoke without God and a light yoke with God. Because suffering and tears remove a few of our “tasks” but God spares us this and removes them all.

It is the will of God to take the charge of a man or woman, and it is a smart choice to let him do.

The forces of Evil on Earth believed getting the last word on God after successfully having nailed him to the cross.
But Jesus Christ has risen to show to everyone that he is the greatest and even death has no hold on him.
In his resurrection, he offers us the eternal life and a new life renewed by his Spirit, on Earth.

All this could sound theoretical and inaccessible, yet this is through practice and experience that release and new given life is going off. This can be manifested if we practice with fidelity and cleverness.

God is life, good, freedom, spontaneity, activity. Our relationship with God must have got those qualities. And this kind of relationship gives fruits and make us bright people, and that is how God wants us to be.

Jesus said “I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live.” John 11:25

The purpose of this site is the awareness of this message and especially to make this victory concrete in our lives because there are some principles to know and thereafter it is in practice that good things are triggered.

Seek justice and you will find the kingdom of God. Know the truth and you will be free.