The great miracle of the Cross… the most important message for humanity
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Being a Christian is simple: you shall believe in Jesus Christ as your unique God and understand what he did on the cross.

Then the faith must be strengthened with the baptism (the formalization) and edification . Everyone goes at his own pace in this walk with God and each one made ​​his own choice guiding by the Sprit of the Lord. Of course, the benefits flow for those who are mature in Christ by the strength of their faith.

The benefits of the cross are huge. This is a change of status, of master, of world that is given by the grace of God.

God is Good. All good things without exception comes from God.

Justice, love, health, peace, freedom, fairness, abundance, plenitude, smartness, success come from the Lord.

And God tells us that he gives us this benefits in this life on Earth if we fight spiritually and if we work to gain our new rights.

Jesus is Resurrection and Life. He is the only one who can give to each human justice and eternal salvation.